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Learning About Towing Services

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3 Benefits Of Calling A Towing Service That Offers On-Site Truck Repairs

Commercial truck towing services can be categorized into two groups. Some towing services only provide towing, while others offer towing along with on-site truck repairs. If one of your company's drivers breaks down on the road, you might be able to avoid having the truck towed to a garage. If the serviceperson that comes is able to fix the truck on-site, your company will realize multiple benefits.

Reduce How Long the Truck's Out of Service

First, repairing the truck on-site will reduce how long it's out of service for. Repairing a truck without taking it to a garage saves the time that it would take to tow the truck.

When a garage is dozens of miles away, this saves a lot of time. Even when a garage is nearby, though, the time saved can still be significant. Hooking a truck up to a wrecker and then disconnecting the truck once at a garage takes a fair bit of time. When a truck doesn't need to be towed, there's no need to spend time on these steps.

Minimize Logistic Consequences

Second, reducing how long a truck is out of service will minimize the logistical problems presented by the breakdown.

For many companies, having a truck break down creates a ripple effect. Other trucks must be diverted to finish the broken-down truck's routes. Sometimes, it's even necessary to send another truck to pick up the driver of the broken-down truck and get them back to the company's facility.

The sooner a truck is back on the road, the less these problems will compound. Even just a few minutes saved could potentially help a lot, especially if a driver is approaching the limit of how long they're legally allowed to drive in a day.

Reduce Costs

Third, your company will be able to save money -- and a potentially substantial sum -- by avoiding the need for a tow.

If a truck malfunctions, you'll need to pay to have it repaired regardless of whether the truck repair is made in a garage or on-site. Not needing to tow it to a garage for repair, though, could save your company hundred or thousands of dollars depending on how large the truck is. Having a small commercial truck, such as a pickup truck, towed costs an average of $109. Towing a tractor trailer can cost thousands of dollars -- $20,000 in one case.

Even if a towing service that offers truck repairs costs a little bit more than other options, avoiding a tow could end up saving your company more than the increase in price is. To learn more, contact a company like Michael's Towing & Recovery.