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Learning About Towing Services

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3 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Towing Company

Having to call a tow company to help you is something that no one looks forward to, but chances are it will happen at least once or twice in your life. It can be helpful to identify a great local towing company ahead of when you actually need one, giving you some peace of mind that things are going to be OK. But now all towing companies are the same. Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself or the potential tow company before hiring someone to come and tow your car.

Does The Company Specialize In Emergency Towing?

There are multiple types of tow companies out there. Some specialize in repossessing cars and some might have a contract with the local government to help tow cars that were parked illegally. But typically, you want to find a tow company that has a lot of experience with emergency towing following accidents or other roadside incidents. Cars that have been involved in accidents sometimes require special attention to avoid further damage while being towed. You'll want a company on your side that can help you and your vehicle get to its destination without any further damage.

Ask About Their Fees Before They Arrive

When calling a towing company, inquire about their fee and if there are any additional charges based on certain criteria. For example, you may have to pay more when towing a longer distance. Some towing companies will want payment up front but others are okay with going through your insurance company. You'll want to hire a towing company that is as straightforward as possible with its fee structure so there are not any unwanted surprises later.

Does the Towing Company Offer Other Roadside Services?

When identifying a local towing company that you would want to use in case of an accident, make sure it offers other emergency related services besides the tow itself. For example, an emergency towing company can often assist with other roadside tasks, like fixing a flat tire or giving a dead battery a jump. The best emergency towing companies will offer these services 24 hours a day so you don't have to worry about being stranded somewhere late at night.

When attempting to find a towing company like Standish Towing & Recovery Ltd to help you with your situation, keep in mind that not all towing companies are the same. Make sure you hire one that specializes in emergency assistance, get a clear understanding of all fees before they arrive and inquire about other optional roadside services just in case you might need them someday.