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Learning About Towing Services

Hi there, I am John Higgins. I frequently have cars delivered to the private shop behind my home to start the restoration process. Many of the cars I buy are not currently running or unsafe to drive. People are quick to discard vehicles that cannot complete their intended purpose. I work closely with towing professionals to obtain the best deal on their services. I would like to share the tactics I used while talking with towing professionals. I will also share information about the equipment used to deliver each car. I hope you will visit my site often to learn more. Thanks for visiting.

Social Media Is Important, Even If Your Business Is Towing Cars!

When it comes to social media, most people think about following celebrities, goofy selfies, and pictures of food. But there is tremendous potential for business owners. And yes, this includes towing services. In fact, it can be argued that your towing service, almost more than any other business, needs social media. This article explains why.

Why Do You Need Social Media? Humanize Your Business and Employees

Let's be honest, towing companies don't have the greatest reputations. Anybody who has ever had their car towed probably will have hard feelings toward the company (and driver) who towed their vehicle. Of course, the fact that the vehicle was illegally parked usually doesn't seem to matter. Nonetheless, towing companies don't have the most flowery reputations. Social media apps like Instagram and Twitter provide great potential to improve your public image. You're not all bad guys, and you can show it with Instagram.

What to Post

If you want to improve your public image and humanize your employees, you need to know what to post and how often to post. Of course, you don't want to post pics of one of your trucks towing a car with a laughing face emoji as the caption. This is not going to spread any goodwill or love for your company. Instead post pics of your drivers with a caption that explains their other hobbies, favorite movies, food, or other random info. Or, you could post a photo of your logo printed on your trucks. The best posts are those that offer some sort of promotion. Since you aren't Beyonce, there is no reason to post more than a couple of times per week. You don't want to annoy or overwhelm your followers.

Offering Incentive for Followers

Most towing services immediately ask, "what is the point of social media, if i just tow cars?" The point, beside increasing goodwill toward your company, is to drive sales and make more money. When you humanize your brand with social media, you are more attractive to potential clients. For example, that huge new apartment building looking for an exclusive towing contract is going to want to associate itself with a reputable brand. Also, a social media presence can dramatically increase your placement on Google search. When clients search for towing service in your area, you will be higher on the list if you have an active social media account that is being followed and mentioned by locals.

Surprisingly, social media is very important for towing services. Reach out to a service like Blue Eagle Towing for more information.