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Learning About Towing Services

Hi there, I am John Higgins. I frequently have cars delivered to the private shop behind my home to start the restoration process. Many of the cars I buy are not currently running or unsafe to drive. People are quick to discard vehicles that cannot complete their intended purpose. I work closely with towing professionals to obtain the best deal on their services. I would like to share the tactics I used while talking with towing professionals. I will also share information about the equipment used to deliver each car. I hope you will visit my site often to learn more. Thanks for visiting.

Car Breakdowns On The Highway: Dos And Don'ts

While you are traveling down the highway at a high speed, you may suddenly discover that your car just can't go any faster. This can be very concerning because you may have a difficult time maneuvering your car to safety. What you do from this point onward will determine whether you can safely resolve the issue. 

Don't Brake Abruptly

Take your foot off the accelerator once you discover that your car may be breaking down. Do not break abruptly because this can potentially cause you to lose control. Try to maneuver your vehicle to an exit so you can remove it from the path of other vehicles. As you head toward the exit, make sure to signal to other motorists your intentions. 

Don't Cross The Highway

If the vehicle dies in the middle of a highway, make sure to stay in your car. Attempting to get out of your car and cross high-speed traffic is very dangerous. Instead, you should wait for the police to arrive and assist you. The good news is that roads that have a lot of traffic also have a lot of patrol officers, so help will usually be on the way. 

Do Make Your Vehicle Visible

When you have pulled over to the side of the road, you will want to make the vehicle more visible by turning on its dome light. If it is safe to do so, place reflective triangles behind the vehicle to make it more visible to motorists. You should only exit a vehicle in a low-traffic or residential area. In a high-traffic area, it is instead recommended that you remain in your vehicle and call for assistance. If you have broken down in a dangerous area, make sure to wait until the police arrive before exiting your vehicle. 

Do Have A Working Cell Phone

Having a cell phone with a fully charged battery is important whenever going on a trip so you can make a phone call during situations like this. However, if you do not have a working cell phone, and it is not safe to exit your vehicle, you should wave a white cloth or piece of paper out of the window to signal distress and increase the chances that you will be rescued.

After you have made it to safety, it is time to contact roadside towing services. The sooner that your car is moved to a location where it can receive repairs, the sooner that you will be back on the road. For more information, you will want to speak to a company such as Valley  Express Auto Repair