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Learning About Towing Services

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If It Is Snowing And You're Awaiting Roadside Assistance, Use These Tips

It can be a relief to call roadside assistance if something happens to your car and you can no longer drive it to your destination. However, there are some things you have to know so that you don't cause additional problems while you wait. Use the pointers below to stay safe and well while you're waiting.

Turn Off the Engine Every Now and Then

If it is snowing, temperatures can become dangerously cold. For that reason, after you've called for roadside assistance, you might be tempted to just keep the engine going as long as possible so that the heat can keep you warm. However, it is important that you assume the tow truck driver will arrive later than you expect. Do your best to only turn on the engine when the inside of your car has gotten somewhat cold. That way, you'll have some heat while you wait but, because it's not running constantly, you can make that heat, and your fuel, last until the driver arrives.

Keep Yourself Near the Car

You may tire of waiting for roadside assistance and want to venture out of your car to find a warmer place to wait, imagining that the tow truck driver can just call you when they arrive. However, this is not a good idea. You could become disoriented if it is still snowing and you're in an unfamiliar place. Finally, you may end up with hypothermia or frostbite if temperatures are very low. Just stay near the vehicle to avoid creating additional problems that you'll have to deal with.

Monitor the Tailpipe

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger if your car's engine is running and you don't remain aware of your car's tailpipe to know whether or not snow is blocking it. Your tailpipe may not be blocked when your car is first disabled, but as time wears on and snow comes down quickly, snow could build up and block the pipe before you know it.

Because you may not be constantly running your car, you might not think carbon monoxide is a threat, but it's wise to get out and monitor the tailpipe periodically. Move snow away from the area as best you can to prevent buildup.

The suggestions in this article will help you Check with your roadside assistance company to find out if there is anything else you should do to prepare for the driver's arrival.