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If It Is Snowing And You’re Awaiting Roadside Assistance, Use These Tips

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It can be a relief to call roadside assistance if something happens to your car and you can no longer drive it to your destination. However, there are some things you have to know so that you don’t cause additional problems while you wait. Use the pointers below to stay safe and well while you’re waiting. Turn Off the Engine Every Now and Then If it is snowing, temperatures can become dangerously cold. For that reason, after you’ve called for roadside assistance, you might be tempted to just keep the engine going as long as possible so that the heat can keep you warm. However, it is important that you assume the tow truck driver will arrive later than you expect. Do your best to only turn on the engine when the inside of your car has gotten somewhat cold. That way, you’ll have some heat while you wait but, because it’s not running constantly, you can make that heat, and your fuel, last until the driver arrives. Keep Yourself Near the Car You may tire of waiting for roadside assistance and want to venture out of your car to find a warmer place to wait, imagining that the tow truck driver can just call you when they arrive. However, this is not a good idea. You could become disoriented if it is still snowing and you’re in an unfamiliar place. Finally, you may end up with hypothermia or frostbite if temperatures are very low. Just stay near the vehicle to avoid creating additional problems that you’ll have to deal with. Monitor the Tailpipe Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger if your car’s engine is running and you don’t remain aware of your car’s tailpipe to know whether or not snow is blocking it. Your tailpipe may not be blocked when your car is first disabled, but as time wears on and snow comes down quickly, snow could build up and block the pipe before you know it. Because you may not be constantly running your car, you might not think carbon monoxide is a threat, but it’s wise to get out and monitor the tailpipe periodically. Move snow away from the area as best you can to prevent buildup. The suggestions in this article will help you Check with your roadside assistance company to find out if there is anything else you should do to prepare for the driver’s...

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3 Reasons To Call For A Tow Truck That You May Not Think Of

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Tow trucks are great for coming to pick you up quickly and efficiently if your car has broken down because they not only get you to safety, but they also get your car to safety. However, tow services can also come and help you out in other situations involving your car as well. They will give you the specific help that you need involving your car, and will do so professionally, efficiently, and in the safest way possible. This article will discuss 3 reasons to call for a tow truck that you may not think of.  You Get A Flat Tire If you happen to get a flat tire, then you may not know who to call at first. While some people know how to properly change a flat tire, many do not. You also may not be in an area where it is safe for you to change the tire on your own, such as a busy freeway. Lastly, for one reason or another you may not have a spare tire on hand to switch out your flat tire with. If you are suffering from one or more of these problems, then you will be pleased to know that you can call a tow truck to help you out. They will be able to set up safety equipment to properly change your tire, or they will tow your car to a location where you can get a tire if you don’t have one.  You Run Out Of Gas Running out of gas is such a stressful and frustrating thing, and it can be terrifying if you run out of gas in a somewhat deserted or dangerous area. Rather than trying to get out of your car to try and walk to a gas station or waiting for some random person who has gas to help, you can instead call a towing service right away. They will be able to leave soon after you call them and will come with all of the gas you need to get safely to a gas station to fill up. This can make a stressful situation so much better for you. You Lock Your Keys In Your Car When you lock yourself out of your car, you may always think of calling a locksmith. However, if for some reason or another you can’t get ahold of a locksmith, you can instead call a towing service to come and help you. They have the tools and knowledge necessary to get into your car and get the key out, just as a locksmith would. If you need a tow in any of these situations, contact a company like Superior Towing to help you...

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3 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Towing Company

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Having to call a tow company to help you is something that no one looks forward to, but chances are it will happen at least once or twice in your life. It can be helpful to identify a great local towing company ahead of when you actually need one, giving you some peace of mind that things are going to be OK. But now all towing companies are the same. Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself or the potential tow company before hiring someone to come and tow your car. Does The Company Specialize In Emergency Towing? There are multiple types of tow companies out there. Some specialize in repossessing cars and some might have a contract with the local government to help tow cars that were parked illegally. But typically, you want to find a tow company that has a lot of experience with emergency towing following accidents or other roadside incidents. Cars that have been involved in accidents sometimes require special attention to avoid further damage while being towed. You’ll want a company on your side that can help you and your vehicle get to its destination without any further damage. Ask About Their Fees Before They Arrive When calling a towing company, inquire about their fee and if there are any additional charges based on certain criteria. For example, you may have to pay more when towing a longer distance. Some towing companies will want payment up front but others are okay with going through your insurance company. You’ll want to hire a towing company that is as straightforward as possible with its fee structure so there are not any unwanted surprises later. Does the Towing Company Offer Other Roadside Services? When identifying a local towing company that you would want to use in case of an accident, make sure it offers other emergency related services besides the tow itself. For example, an emergency towing company can often assist with other roadside tasks, like fixing a flat tire or giving a dead battery a jump. The best emergency towing companies will offer these services 24 hours a day so you don’t have to worry about being stranded somewhere late at night. When attempting to find a towing company like Standish Towing & Recovery Ltd to help you with your situation, keep in mind that not all towing companies are the same. Make sure you hire one that specializes in emergency assistance, get a clear understanding of all fees before they arrive and inquire about other optional roadside services just in case you might need them someday....

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Winter Is Coming: Three Tips For Getting Your Car Out Of Snow

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Despite your best efforts: proper preparations and cautious driving, accidents are bound to happen—especially on snowy roadways. Even at slow driving speeds, ice and snow can easily cause your vehicle to go careening into a ditch, tree, or other vehicle—and that can leave you stranded for hours as you wait for a tow truck to come and save you. Although it is impossible to prevent your car from being stuck in the snow, you may be able to unstick your vehicle yourself with these three tips: 1. Visually Inspect the Tailpipe Perhaps the most dangerous part of becoming trapped by the snow is snow buildup. If the snow builds up and covers the tailpipe of your vehicle, the carbon monoxide cannot escape—and therefore, it will back up into your car. Carbon monoxide is dangerous because it can poison you and cause a wide variety of problems, including death. If you are stuck in the snow, get out of your car and visually inspect the tailpipe. Make sure that there is nothing blocking it. If there is snow blocking your tailpipe, turn your vehicle off, and dig the snow out so that the tailpipe is clear. Once clear, you can turn your car back on. 2. Add Traction The major problem with snow and ice is traction—there usually isn’t much, if any. If you are stuck, add some traction to help you get out of the snow bank. Rock salt or kitty litter both work well. Simply apply the salt or kitty litter in front of all of your tires and try to drive out of the snow. If you do not have salt or kitty litter with you, you can use your floor mats. Just place them in front of your front tires and drive. However, be warned that this will probably ruin your floor mats. You can also let some air out of your tires to help with traction. The flatter surface will grip what little traction there is better, which will make maneuvering out of the snow easier. Just be sure that you properly inflate your tires as soon as possible to avoid damaging the tires. 3. Remove Snow and Ice If you will be waiting for a friend or tow truck to help you out, you can make it a lot easier on them by removing some of the snow. Use a shovel and remove any deep snow around your vehicle. If you do not have a shovel on hand, wear gloves and use your hands and arms to remove the snow. You can also use a deicer, such as rock salt, to help remove excess snow and ice surrounding your car—if you have some in your vehicle. While you cannot avoid an accident altogether, you can get out of one easier by following these three tips. If all else fails, contact a towing service, such as AC Towing, immediately to ensure you get out of the snow...

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3 Advantages Of Having A Roadside Service Plan

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When it comes to operating automobiles on a regular basis, you never know what problems you might come across. Because of this, you need to be sure that you have a plan that will allow you to get repairs that can keep you out of harm’s way. If that is what you need, consider getting a professional roadside service plan. These plans are excellent for emergencies and will allow you to get your car where it needs to be, while also keeping you out of harm’s way. With this in mind, read this guide to understand the benefits of roadside maintenance plans.  #1: Drivers Get Excellent Towing Work  Because you are able to get towing service whenever you need it, a roadside service plan will be incredibly helpful for you. When you get a roadside service plan, you’ll be covered up to a certain number of miles and will have access to third party towing professionals all over the country (such as Kingsway Towing Group). Because of this, you’ll have peace of mind wherever you travel, since you’ll get the help and service of licensed professionals that can get your vehicle off of the road and to a repair shop that can assist you.  #2: Tire Changes Allow You To Get Moving Again If you blow a flat when driving, you will need to be sure that you are able to put a spare on and get your car off of the road. This happens by taking a car jack and stabilizing the vehicle, in order to use a tire iron, remove the tire and place a spare on the automobile. If you are not skilled at changing tires, or if you don’t have a tire jack, changing your tire can be difficult to impossible. Because of this, you’ll want to get the help of professionals who can assist you.  #3: Roadside Service Plans Let You Retain Your Business Interests People who drive their vehicle for a living have a lot riding on the performance of the automobile any time that it is used. When your car is sidelined, especially if you make truck deliveries, the clock is ticking and you are losing money as time goes on. Because of this, a roadside assistance plan can give you peace of mind, while also protecting your earnings.  Take advantage of these tips, so that you are able to touch base with a roadside service professional who can look out for...

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